amazon-fashionThe soft murmur of the winter season setting in marks the enthralling start of the Amazon India fashion week. The 26th edition of an enthralling Amazon India Fashion Week Spring Summer 2016 showcasing the most charming trends for the enriched upcoming season will be held in association with Maybelline New York.  It is Asia’s largest fashion and trade podium. The alluring fashion week will be packed with challenging ideas displayed through the chatty fashion items. This fashion week is a humble attempt of the fashion industry to handicraft the classic pieces of fashion in a way that it can cater to the needs of a global audience. This in turn will make Prime minister, Narendra Modi’s “Make in India” campaign a success by giving his dream a visual certification.

This fashion week has a striking list of highly reputed gurus of style as well as the newbie’s in this field from all over the country. There will be many airstrip shows, the ones that will wangle an exceptional language. Also, to add to its glamour, will be many shows soaked in aboriginal crafts, contemporary luxury giving a multi cultural influence. Imaging what the young and energetic India desires for, this new season of the Amazon India Fashion Week will include multiple designer stalls at the exhibition area.

The Amazon India Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2016 in association with Maybelline New York has incarcerated eye-catching moments in time as it blends together the highly experienced professionals from varied fields which include choreographers, makeup artists and stylists who are giving multiple business opportunities.

The debutant Sanjay Garg of the Raw Mango brand has promised to showcase his skills at the opening ceremony of this spring -summer edition of Amazon India Fashion Week (AIFW) 2016. “The garments in this collection aim to bridge the gap between textile and fashion, and at the same time, blur the categories of traditional and modern, old and new, past and present. The garments present technical advancements in Mashru that make the ‘old’ textile contemporary, while retaining the luxuriousness that has always been an important part of it,” he said in a conversation with media.

The stage for the final day has been set to make it a very grand event. For the first time, 25 designers will be coming together in order to showcase their individual elucidation of the theme ‘Crafts of India’. This particular theme has its main motive to bring to the public interest the breath taking richness and heritage of Indian craft. With the new coalition, the practical aspect of this grand fashion festival will also get strengthened. With the final day of the fashion week being streamed live on the AIFW page, it will give an opportunity to consumers and fashion aficionados across India to watch this show live and also give them a chance to participate in the celebrations. This is a digital platform and will also host multiple Google hangouts during the ongoing event and will feature various panelists from the fashion alliance including fashion experts, celebrities and models.